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PDFs are an essential part of our digital lives as they are one of the most commonly used file types across the globe. However, working with PDFs can be a challenge, especially when you need to edit them. This is where Wondershare PDF Editor comes in. It is a powerful tool designed to make PDF editing easy and accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise. With Wondershare PDF Editor, you can edit, convert, annotate, and even sign your PDFs in minutes. In this post, we'll take a closer look at all the features of Wondershare PDF Editor, so you can master PDF editing in no time. Whether you're a student, a professional, or anyone who works with PDFs, Wondershare PDF Editor is the ultimate tool you need to streamline your PDF editing process.

Hello everyone welcome back to another post, sometimes we need to change location and profiles to download more apps and get reed oms etc. how ever in this post i am going to show you how to change google play store country,
be carefully you can change country once per one year. 
if you like to change google play store country? follow me now, first you need to download good quality VPN i can recommend  TURBO VPN it is a good vpn than others. after download the vpn make sure to change it what you like to change location as your google play country.

next step. after connect the vpn . close all the apps you are run. google play store etc. no need to clear data and cache.  then open google play store and navigate to account section.

then you can see a chance to change your country. to change country you need to add payment method to google play. but it no need to complete payment method application. as example click the add paypal. if you have a paypal account. add it.
after complete this step close again google play store and open it again. navigate back to google play store account.

then you can see like this page on your google play store. tick mark it to change google play store country. after complete it. google play store app. will reboot with in one min. the you can use your google play store account with out VPN , google play currencies will be change with in 24 hours.


Facebook following is most useful option to get more attention on facebook. Your friends aren't the only ones who might like your photos or posts. Share with anyone on Facebook, and find people with the same interests. Turn On Follow then you can post anything on your wall and others can see your post and they can like comment those your posts. what happen when we following ?\
You automatically follow people who you're friends with. You can also follow Pages (example: businesses, organizations, brands) and people who aren't your friend on Facebook but allow everybody to follow them. When you follow someone or a Page, you may see updates from that person. that person can be you. 
most important thing is when someone following you  , If someone follows you on Facebook, that means that they are following your updates, posts and they will get to see your activity in their News Feed.
Let see How to enable this facebook following setting to your facebook profile. 

this is the profile before enable facebook following option. if you like to add your other social media links like this (instagram, whatsapp number, twiiter profile etc. ) just click here to read it. or click here to watch video. 
(1) navigate setting and privacy on your facebook profile. 

when you click the setting and privacy you see setting path again. click the setting again. 

after open setting on your facebook profile you will see public post option. just click and open public post option. 

then you will see just like below screenshot page. just all setting mark as public. comment ranking also.

now everyone can follow you. ask to friend to follow you. still cant see followers on your profile? there is two mistake here
(1)- there is no one or follower on your profile
(2)- or you need to enable showing option on your facebook profile. 
lets see after enable followers showing option., 

jump back to the profile. and click edit public details. 

click edit details

the final step. when you click the public details. you can see followers on your profile. you need least one follower for this if you don't have? ask from the friend to follow you. least one person followed you. then facebook show this setting on your profile. 

(1) tick mark on following option 
(2) save it

finally you will get following option like this.  


Google blogger is a free blogspot site. everyone can create own blogspot with them. you can earn money with blogspot creating it branding. to brand a blogger you can use a high quality theme for the blogger. if you like to add a theme for the your blog. but cant find them or if you like to learn how to add theme for the domain. please comment me below. i can help you to choose one theme and install the theme for your blog spot.
How ever in this post i am going to show you how to add custom domain to blogger. why we need a custom domain to blogger?  when we using blogspot free domain the website name showing like YOURBLOG.BLOGSPOT.COM we can remove the blogspot.com from byuying a domain.
when we using a custom domain .  custom domain will allow your website to have an undiluted image, which in turn will make your website far more memorable to your visitors. If you receive emails from visitors or URLs to your website are shared with a custom web address, they are entirely your own.
it will famous you and it will help you rank to google. and people can remember your address they are visiting with your blogger. 

Let see how to add custom domain to blogger. ( iam not provide any domain hosting site) 
you can find a good hosting service to buy a domain to your blogger simply googling. after buy a domain your domain page will show you DNS manger. 

this is the my blog spot before add to custom domain. 

after buy a domain find manage DNS setting. this steps are same for every custom domain adding method in blogger. on your blogger setting you can find third party domain add setting .

click the set up third party domain and type your domain name with triple w. example www.webfex.co.uk , then you can see c names to add to your domain. 

add this cnames to your purchased domain. left side words are name right side words are targets. if your domain provider gives a time to peroid for this please select one hour.

after add those c names like this. jump back to blogger setting and. click on setting instructions.

then you will see like this page. this ip address should add to domain. type name as @ select type as A .

ass settings are complete now. please refresh the blogger page and retype your domain name again and save it. it should save without error. 

after few minutes your domain will start work for your blog. 

to better understand watch the video tutorial. if you have any problem please comment me below. 

Download any video from any site (free and easy way)

Video downloading is most important thing when we using social media and some websites. some websites not provide a download button to download videos. so how to save a video in our device.? then we need a some method to download videos from like this websites. some time you are using Facebook or instagram you cant download videos to your device. let me suggest you many of types to download videos with your own device, not important what you use device a mobile laptop or tab.

You Tube video and audio downloader free

You tube is a big place to watch more videos and listen music but save to your device favorite songs and videos you need a downloader or online downloader , so in this post I am going to suggest a good application to download videos and audios in single click. easy to use , when you searching You Tube downloaders but you will fall in lot of downloaders. check this You tube downloader, its cool and easy to use.

How to use this? just copy the video link then this downloader will catch up video link. then you can download video or if you like to music then you can download music. from this downloader.

Download the you tube downlader free
Download video from any website
Some website did not provide download links those videos. so we can use a stream video downloader for this. when you like to use chrome or fire fox you can add a download helper addon then we can easy to copy the link to downloader when you use the third party downloader or with direct download browser. how ever we can use this all types to download videos. everyone knows how to download addon to their browser, in google chrome. apps > webstore> search downloadhelper 
add it to you chrome browser. after add the downloadhelper you will see a how to use it below pictures,
The Downloadhelper addon in google chrome
The Downloadhelper addon in google chrome
when you add the download helper to your browser you will see triple ball icon on your browser corner, it is the icon you are going to use download videos from any site. for use it play the video or wait couple of minute to till the catch up download link from website. then you will see downloadhelper icon will coloring up. then just click on it and easliy download it. when you are use the one of downloader you can copy the link and past on your downloader to get fast download.
download videos from any site
Batter understand watch the video,

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Some times when we browsing we have enable some sites to gave notifiactions us, how ever it is a bother some times. we cant decide what is the important message. but we can remove those ads from google chrome mobile web browser too.
How ever I like to suggest you two method to block ads notification chrome mobile browser.

Locate to google chrome web browser setting and notification dection. the you will see what sites show ads on your mobile google chrome web browser.

then you can remove this ads sites from your google chrome browser.

this is the simple and easy way to block sites show ads. just drag the notification bar to below and hold press on the one of add, then its will ask remove to ads from this sites

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Hey friends looking for create a awesome video using some animation? just like lower thirds? this is the way to learn how to create a lower third animation in after effect and How to use lower third (after effect) animation in a video with adobe premiere pro,,

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Photoshop actions free downloads

you can see on the screen main image twitter logo and name as a animation. this lower third created by after effect cc 2017,
watch this video to learn How to create a lower third animation in after effect .
for learn it watch this video first. or you can download it from the internet. i will provide free after effects templates you can see my past post and get free templates. 

so in this tutorial i will give you free after effect project file and you can change setting what you like.

 click this download button to get this after effect project file free

so do you like to watch how to create a simple lower third animation in after effect watch this video tutorial

Watch the video tutorial and support me, just subscribe me, thank you

after creating we must to save it as a after effect project file, 
then open the adobe premiere pro and ,start to work own your video,
so simply drag your after effect project file and change this size ans position easily 

watch the below video tutorial and , please comment me bellow. thank you,

How to use After effect animation in video with adobe Premiere Pro

Learn to use after effect animations in to a video with adobe premiere pro. when you like to use animations on your video adobe premiere pro is a good solution with after effect templates. we can create a simple animation with adobe after effect or simply download after effect template with free after effect templates provide website. if you like to download free after effect templates just join with our freelogit.com .

if you are interest in creating video with adobe premiere pro? this post create  for you.
How to create awesome video with adding cool animations on your video? that's a point . we are going to do it.

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Photoshop actions free downloads

this is my second premiere pro tutorial. please share this post. this post get more views then i will create more posts for you.

so in this video i have created simple pop up animation with after effect . this animation i will add for video using premiere pro.
if you don't have after effect and premiere pro get it free from here 

create a after effect template (project file )

You can create a after effect animation with after effect or just download it. if you are a creator. this step for you. after completing crate animation save the template ( project file ) one folder.  if you using downloaded after effect animation just ignore this step  

save you have created after effect animation as a after effect project file. then open premiere pro and select assembly and drag it to here after effect project file


 If you like to use title animation in to a video. just download this free after effect title animation from below link

Creating a video with adobe premiere pro after placing your video file then you can choose assembly option to add your after effect animation to your video.

after adding after effect file you will see all re compose layers in the screen. make sure to know what we need to edit or add animation name. if you cant find this get back to after effect and rename it what you like to word. then select your animation,

then drag your animation to timeline . after adding to timeline you can edit this clicking on edit .
size. positions, etc. 

watch the video  tutorial to better understand 

free after effect title animation

 or like to use this after effect animation just download it from below link. some time i can create a free animation. just comment me blow. thank you, 

Hey everyone welcome to my blog. please add a bookmark to visit here again. I will create new post every week. 

however in this post we are going to talk about CUSTOM OS.for Samsung Phones. Using custom recovery we can install custom ROM s can be installed / place of a device's stock firmware to bring in new features and customization options.

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this method support all Samsung devices. NO NEED TO ROOT

Before install CUSTOM OS 

  • Your warranty gone
  • at your own risk
  • some time will be brick your Phone
Download necessary files
  • Custom recovery zip file ex. twrp
  • odin ( samsung only)
  • custom OS
  • gapps files
  • Samsung USB drivers
Installing Custom recovery (TWRP)

Download first TWRP file from twrp.me for your device. its must be compatible with your device. 
then download ODIN 
next step. open odin and place twrp file to ap location as a below picture

then get to download mod to Your Samsung mobile.
how to do that?????
    easy simply power off and press volume down key, power button, home button. in one time. then you will find this screen.

then click to continue . get your mobile data cable and connect with your PC/LAP 
after connecting phone odin will show you your phone. that the time we must flash custom recovery. PRESS START .


after installing phone will restart or goes to RECOVERY MODE. like this.

then back up your all data , and official OS. it will back up your external memory (to chip)
after complete backup we can install custom OS.

but we must clean  previous OS  , then click wipe then select what you like to clean option.
please tick mark to system.
                              art cache
no need to select internal memory. we can keep pictures, video and other files.
Installing CUSTOM OS

this custom OS work for Samsung sm j200g Only 
S8 rom for samsung sm j200g

after downloading custom OS zip file keep it external memory (chip. OTG)
THEN ,Click install and navigate where are the keep custom os on your memory card. or OTG. 

then click the install 

its take some times. after installing custom os we need to install gapps. (some custom roms no need to install gapps)

 then reboot the phone, first reboot get 10min or more than . please relax and be cool.
after rebooting you can enjoy with new custom rom.

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Hey everyone welcome back to my an other post. in this post  i will show you easy way to create a intro video. for You tube or for what you like to use place.

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Photoshop actions free downloads

Do you have you tube channel? and interest in into video.?

this is the way create it free. don't need any software. to create a video. its very easy. 
no designs experience required ,so lets start. 
this intros i created free. i have uploaded that videos some screenshot. but do you like to watch video please click the video below. 

open internet browser what you use. then log in to panzoid. com .
after log the website you will  see lot of intros on your screen. then find a intro video would you like to edit. 

select a intro what you like.

after select a intro template you will something like this page, then click on open in clipmarker button, 
this is the way get intro edit and make it your intro video.
you can click eye button and play button to view this intro as a video.before editing. 

How to edit intro video?

you can change text using this text location.
text sizes and colors. 
try with it and create a own intro. 
after creating it. we must download the video. 
before download the video please select the video format and resolutions.

How to export video?
click the download button. it will take 1 or 2 min to render. after complete render video wen download the intro video we created. 

well hope you learn something. to see more videos like this please subscribe me.
thanks for watching. 

watch the video tutorial