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We all getting problems when we sending Facebook friend requests over gain and again. Facebook limited this activity when we sending more than 1000 Facebook requests. sometimes we already send more thank 500 Facebook friend requests their limit who can send send Facebook requests. therefore we should remove or cancel we already sent Facebook friend requests. so today i will show you how to cancel sent friend requests on Facebook following 2021 update. Facebook changes pathways when cancel sent Facebook friend requests. so this content create with new update it mean this blog creating following 2021 Facebook.


Facebook followers mean awesome thing in Facebook everyone knows Facebook gives only 5000 friends but you can keep more than 5000 followers as friends enabling this Facebook following option. how ever you can upgrade your Facebook profile with Facebook followers. when you enable the Facebook followers your future post and other things can see anyone who does not in your friend list. it means you are give access to everyone who are in Facebook they can visit and can see your posts and profile just like your Facebook friends.

Hello everyone welcome back to another post, sometimes we need to change location and profiles to download more apps and get reed oms etc. how ever in this post i am going to show you how to change google play store country,
be carefully you can change country once per one year. 
if you like to change google play store country? follow me now, first you need to download good quality VPN i can recommend  TURBO VPN it is a good vpn than others. after download the vpn make sure to change it what you like to change location as your google play country.

next step. after connect the vpn . close all the apps you are run. google play store etc. no need to clear data and cache.  then open google play store and navigate to account section.

then you can see a chance to change your country. to change country you need to add payment method to google play. but it no need to complete payment method application. as example click the add paypal. if you have a paypal account. add it.
after complete this step close again google play store and open it again. navigate back to google play store account.

then you can see like this page on your google play store. tick mark it to change google play store country. after complete it. google play store app. will reboot with in one min. the you can use your google play store account with out VPN , google play currencies will be change with in 24 hours.


Learn to use Facebook magic words to animate your Facebook wall. there is a no trick just type the word on your wall or comment. the magic will be happen. if you like to create a post or comment with animating your facebook wall or comment with this awesome facebook digits. 

if you like to use hearts on your wall or comment include xo , xoxo or xoxoxo. as example. wowo lovely picture xo. someone see or click the this digits he will see the hearts. 

use the balloons for surprise someone for tell congratulations for something use the congrats, then he will see the balloons like this. 

Colorful Confetti

stars on the wall use this words best wishes.  you can see below picture. its work with wonderful time key word 

Flower Bouquet

flying star 


Facebook story

Featured snippet from the web

Facebook Stories are short user-generated photo and video collections that can be viewed up to two times and disappear after 24 hours. ... To access the camera, simply swipe right on Facebook's mobile app. This follows hotly on the heels of Instagram's incredibly successful stories launch.
Hello everyone welcome to my another very helpful post, everyone have a facebook account 
and those are like to share anything with their facebook friends,how ever facebook story 
is more important things now. lot of persons love share their short videos as facebook 
story, but facebook not giving to chance share facebook video story longer than 
26 seconds, 
But we need a solution to share videos to as facebook story longer than 26 seconds such 
as 5 minutes or more. 
that's why you need to read this post to share your long videos as facebook story. 

(1)- Download the Whatsacut pro App from google play store or apple store. 

This is the application we need to go. you can simply download the application from google 
play store or apple store, after download this sometimes it ask to create a account with your 
email address, 

(2)- Next step. 

After open this application you can see like this page, you should click the video cutter 
icon i have show the picture. 

(3)- Select the video what you Like to share 

select the video what you like to share as your facebook story. after select the video 
click the next top corner icon NEXT. 

Select the 15 seconds status icon, 

we should cut the video as 15 seconds to share as facebook status. 

after click the 15 seconds part icon . you can see your video have 15 seconds parts here,
this is the last step . click the share icon part 01. then you will see a page like this below

in this page select the others icon, then you will see a page and facebook story icon

then share your video part 01.

After share video part 01 share your other video part 02 and other video parts too same as
video part 01. 
after share your all video parts. you can see your whatsapp status video playing longer,

to better understand watch the video tutorial. below.

Facebook users love to famous on own society . so Facebook followers mean Good topic to get famous on Social media . the Facebook followers make you higher account on Facebook. so today I like to talk about Facebook followers,  the any Facebook user love to activate Facebook followers and earn and increase followers this post will help you.
First need to activate Facebook followers option. every Facebook user can enable/ activate Facebook
followers from setting.