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We all getting problems when we sending Facebook friend requests over gain and again. Facebook limited this activity when we sending more than 1000 Facebook requests. sometimes we already send more thank 500 Facebook friend requests their limit who can send send Facebook requests. therefore we should remove or cancel we already sent Facebook friend requests. so today i will show you how to cancel sent friend requests on Facebook following 2021 update. Facebook changes pathways when cancel sent Facebook friend requests. so this content create with new update it mean this blog creating following 2021 Facebook.

Facebook users love to famous on own society . so Facebook followers mean Good topic to get famous on Social media . the Facebook followers make you higher account on Facebook. so today I like to talk about Facebook followers,  the any Facebook user love to activate Facebook followers and earn and increase followers this post will help you.
First need to activate Facebook followers option. every Facebook user can enable/ activate Facebook
followers from setting.

Instagram is a most popular social media network. and 
every instagram users love to earn lot of followers.

wanna get free unlimited instagram followers? 
then this post for you, ( with video ) 

you can find more free instagram followers web tool. 
but you need to complete human verification.
so in this video i am going to tell you,
how to get free instagram followers without any human verification.

Before Instagram account 

to follow this method you need to create fake instagram account first. 
i mean you need to two instagram accounts. one account fake. another your real account. 
OK  in this time  i am going to use one account as my fake account.
and other  account use as my real account. i mean i am going to earn followers to second account.

so lets start. open your google chrome browser. then log in to instamoda.org
well. you can see five severs here. this all servers will give you free instagram followers daily.

click on one of sever. i am selecting now server one. 
then you will see log in page. in this page please kind to log with your fake instagram account.

if you wish traslate this website to English ? you can simply click on English button below. 
after logging you will see send followers option. click on it. 

in this blank space , type your real instagram account user name. 

then click on green button below. this web page laguage with turki but you can simply translate with google translate to your own laguage.
in next page you can see your instgram account with your profile picture.

then you can get free followers. then check the how many followers in this server. 
that number type here. then click on green button. i mean start submission button. 
now wait couple of min. your followers are online now.
after few min will start transfer foloowers to your instagram account 
you will see on your screen 

 after completing check the your instagram followers. 

well you can see my new followers. 

we can use this servers daily to get free instagram followers. 
lets use the other servers. 
if you think this post helpful  full? stay tuned we are making more videos make you famous in social media. 
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thank you for watching love you all. see you in next /post video. 

Hey everyone welcome to webfexi social media tips. in this post I am going to talk about how to remove Instagram followings in easy way. once . when we have more than followers followings its not effective in social network. and other thing is is, if you are used to bot to get Instagram followers you may have daily auto followings. its terrible thing in using bot or free instagram following method. 
so how ever we are going to talk about How to remove Instagram followers using android Phone. 

we can use one more than free android application from google play store, no need to sign with your email and password , we can user name for remove Instagram followings. 

top free applications.

(1)- Followers assistant

(2)- Followers assistant Plus

(3)-  Unfollowers for Instagram

In this video I am going to show you How use followers assistance application. but you can use other application (tools) they are same. 

after opening followers assistance , type your Instagram user name, then you can see your Instagram account in followers assistance application. then click on check list. then it take couple of min to update your followers and following. then you can simply unfollow all following clicking on unfollow button. 

if you cant to understand some tips how to remove instagram followings or how to use this applications, then watch the you tube video.

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thank you, 

wanna learn use 2 Whats App account (dual messenger method ) 
this method working for samsung users only. you can make  any messenger dual following this method. 
The Dual Messenger function will allow you to use two separate accounts for the same app on your device. Once enabled, other  second app icon will appear on your samsung device . From there you'll be able to send and receive messages to a second account with separate account. 

dual messenger is most good feature to clone messenger applications without installing any third party application. when we using third party application to clones apps it make slow and dying battery fast. so . using dual messenger feature in Samsung device its cool and fast.

this video created for Samsung users if you are use an other android device you can download clone application from google play store and simply searching on google . make sure to install good ranking application.

Dual messenger is a very useful function, which is so far only available on Samsung devices. ... With the Dual Messenger you no longer have to switch between two accounts by logging out and logging in again, but simply open the corresponding app, which was created by the Dual Messenger.

How to Get Dual Messenger
From Settings, search for and select Dual Messenger. or you can navigate to dual messenger without searching it. Tap Dual Messenger again, and then tap the switch next to the desired available app. Tap Install, and then review the Disclaimer. If you agree, tap Confirm. you can use different or same contact list for this setting following whatsapp dual messenger setting.   
watch the video to understand how to use dual messenger in samsung device .
thank you

get free instagram follwers without any human verification. some times we can find lotof web sites and webtools
for free instergram followers. but unfortunaly they asked for human verification. sometimes its work or not work.

the instagram free followers android apps asked to download huge file to give free followers to us. its not easy. sometimes 
its too not work. 

then i have found cool web tool to get free instagrm followers. 

how to work?
Before start this you should open a an other instagram account . then you can sign with this account for this instagram followers tool. after sign you should choose your real account what you like to get free instagram followers. 
click here to access to web fage. (free followers web tool)

then log here using your instagram user name and password. after logging to this free instagram webtool 
you will see 5 savers web page. then click one of saver. finnaly you will see big web page. now find the send followers. 
you can see how many fallowers they send to us. 

click on send followers, then type your user name again in space bar, then click on green button.
after that you can see your profile , space and green button.
then type on space how many followers you need. then click on green button. then wait. you will get free followers now.

you can use this method everyday without any pay mant and doing human verafication. 

watch the video for better understand