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Hey everyone welcome to my blog. please add a bookmark to visit here again. I will create new post every week. 

however in this post we are going to talk about CUSTOM OS.for Samsung Phones. Using custom recovery we can install custom ROM s can be installed / place of a device's stock firmware to bring in new features and customization options.

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this method support all Samsung devices. NO NEED TO ROOT

Before install CUSTOM OS 

  • Your warranty gone
  • at your own risk
  • some time will be brick your Phone
Download necessary files
  • Custom recovery zip file ex. twrp
  • odin ( samsung only)
  • custom OS
  • gapps files
  • Samsung USB drivers
Installing Custom recovery (TWRP)

Download first TWRP file from twrp.me for your device. its must be compatible with your device. 
then download ODIN 
next step. open odin and place twrp file to ap location as a below picture

then get to download mod to Your Samsung mobile.
how to do that?????
    easy simply power off and press volume down key, power button, home button. in one time. then you will find this screen.

then click to continue . get your mobile data cable and connect with your PC/LAP 
after connecting phone odin will show you your phone. that the time we must flash custom recovery. PRESS START .


after installing phone will restart or goes to RECOVERY MODE. like this.

then back up your all data , and official OS. it will back up your external memory (to chip)
after complete backup we can install custom OS.

but we must clean  previous OS  , then click wipe then select what you like to clean option.
please tick mark to system.
                              art cache
no need to select internal memory. we can keep pictures, video and other files.
Installing CUSTOM OS

this custom OS work for Samsung sm j200g Only 
S8 rom for samsung sm j200g

after downloading custom OS zip file keep it external memory (chip. OTG)
THEN ,Click install and navigate where are the keep custom os on your memory card. or OTG. 

then click the install 

its take some times. after installing custom os we need to install gapps. (some custom roms no need to install gapps)

 then reboot the phone, first reboot get 10min or more than . please relax and be cool.
after rebooting you can enjoy with new custom rom.

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