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Learn to lock your whatsapp chats and whole whatsapp acoount with your finger print ( touch ID ) or new created pin. how ever whatsapp gives new security option with new whatsapp update. this new whatsapp features support with new update. if you cant find them following this post, you should update your whatsapp application to latest version of whatsapp When enabled, you must use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock WhatsApp. You can still reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked., therefore you should make a password never forget one, 

Hello everyone welcome back to another post, sometimes we need to change location and profiles to download more apps and get reed oms etc. how ever in this post i am going to show you how to change google play store country,
be carefully you can change country once per one year. 
if you like to change google play store country? follow me now, first you need to download good quality VPN i can recommend  TURBO VPN it is a good vpn than others. after download the vpn make sure to change it what you like to change location as your google play country.

next step. after connect the vpn . close all the apps you are run. google play store etc. no need to clear data and cache.  then open google play store and navigate to account section.

then you can see a chance to change your country. to change country you need to add payment method to google play. but it no need to complete payment method application. as example click the add paypal. if you have a paypal account. add it.
after complete this step close again google play store and open it again. navigate back to google play store account.

then you can see like this page on your google play store. tick mark it to change google play store country. after complete it. google play store app. will reboot with in one min. the you can use your google play store account with out VPN , google play currencies will be change with in 24 hours.


Facebook following is most useful option to get more attention on facebook. Your friends aren't the only ones who might like your photos or posts. Share with anyone on Facebook, and find people with the same interests. Turn On Follow then you can post anything on your wall and others can see your post and they can like comment those your posts. what happen when we following ?\
You automatically follow people who you're friends with. You can also follow Pages (example: businesses, organizations, brands) and people who aren't your friend on Facebook but allow everybody to follow them. When you follow someone or a Page, you may see updates from that person. that person can be you. 
most important thing is when someone following you  , If someone follows you on Facebook, that means that they are following your updates, posts and they will get to see your activity in their News Feed.
Let see How to enable this facebook following setting to your facebook profile. 

this is the profile before enable facebook following option. if you like to add your other social media links like this (instagram, whatsapp number, twiiter profile etc. ) just click here to read it. or click here to watch video. 
(1) navigate setting and privacy on your facebook profile. 

when you click the setting and privacy you see setting path again. click the setting again. 

after open setting on your facebook profile you will see public post option. just click and open public post option. 

then you will see just like below screenshot page. just all setting mark as public. comment ranking also.

now everyone can follow you. ask to friend to follow you. still cant see followers on your profile? there is two mistake here
(1)- there is no one or follower on your profile
(2)- or you need to enable showing option on your facebook profile. 
lets see after enable followers showing option., 

jump back to the profile. and click edit public details. 

click edit details

the final step. when you click the public details. you can see followers on your profile. you need least one follower for this if you don't have? ask from the friend to follow you. least one person followed you. then facebook show this setting on your profile. 

(1) tick mark on following option 
(2) save it

finally you will get following option like this.  


Learn to use Facebook magic words to animate your Facebook wall. there is a no trick just type the word on your wall or comment. the magic will be happen. if you like to create a post or comment with animating your facebook wall or comment with this awesome facebook digits. 

if you like to use hearts on your wall or comment include xo , xoxo or xoxoxo. as example. wowo lovely picture xo. someone see or click the this digits he will see the hearts. 

use the balloons for surprise someone for tell congratulations for something use the congrats, then he will see the balloons like this. 

Colorful Confetti

stars on the wall use this words best wishes.  you can see below picture. its work with wonderful time key word 

Flower Bouquet

flying star 


Why Google Translate?
Did you know all languages in the world? nope . but you can understand any language using this google service. sometimes the people know about this service 50 present or more ( internet users )
if you find some foreign language ( a facebook friend chat with you I mean a foreign) how to understand what he said?  you can open internet browser and find google translate then copy foreign language texts then paste ..bllllaaaa oooooooooooo booring 
you cant do it again and again , then what I do? the Google is making easy way to translate any language inside on other app. the feature is called Tap to translate. The new feature allows  Translate to automatically pop up right corner on mobile while using other apps after you have highlighted text in a foreign language. 

first you must to install google translate app , if you are using android device you can download it from google play store, or i phone users app store. so what now? after installing make sure to enable tap to translate. open the google translate app then find setting then you will see tick mark tap to translate, enable it. and other most important thing is make sure to keep run google translate as background app. it means if you are using third party cleaning application when you are click on refresh icon google translate running stop. then you cant use the tap to translate feature. 

How to work? tap to translate..?
when you are use the any application facebook instagram. whatsapp viber or anything. 
so you wanna translate a word to your own language , hold on foreign language work then copy the word, after clicking copy you will see pop up icon on you screen . 
                                                                              tap it. then you will see foreign language translated to your own language.. ( as a results you had different languages . you can change languages from google translate app setting )

there is a same way to how to use whatsapp tap to translate , but i have created two different videos for you how to use google tap to translate with facebook and how to use google tap to translate with whatsapp. you can select the video below. 

if you like to use with any application google tap to translate you should keep it running background on your phone. I will hope a create a video for iPhone users How to translate any word to any language. this option not giving iPhone's users right away. but i hope you create a video for iPhone users without google translate. 

Hope you learn something dont forget to give a comment is it working or not.