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Hey everyone welcome back to my an other post. in this post  i will show you easy way to create a intro video. for You tube or for what you like to use place.

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Do you have you tube channel? and interest in into video.?

this is the way create it free. don't need any software. to create a video. its very easy. 
no designs experience required ,so lets start. 
this intros i created free. i have uploaded that videos some screenshot. but do you like to watch video please click the video below. 

open internet browser what you use. then log in to panzoid. com .
after log the website you will  see lot of intros on your screen. then find a intro video would you like to edit. 

select a intro what you like.

after select a intro template you will something like this page, then click on open in clipmarker button, 
this is the way get intro edit and make it your intro video.
you can click eye button and play button to view this intro as a video.before editing. 

How to edit intro video?

you can change text using this text location.
text sizes and colors. 
try with it and create a own intro. 
after creating it. we must download the video. 
before download the video please select the video format and resolutions.

How to export video?
click the download button. it will take 1 or 2 min to render. after complete render video wen download the intro video we created. 

well hope you learn something. to see more videos like this please subscribe me.
thanks for watching. 

watch the video tutorial

Hey everyone welcome. create a You tube URL some one clicks once then it 

 will be  your YouTube channel subscribe LINK. it means by creating an automatic subscription link

if you like to earn money creating You tube channel you must get more subscribers to grow your channel. many subscribers will give you good ranking power to your You tube videos.

 ok lets jump to work

this method will work any you tube channel.
find your you tube channel url 

to get this link  click my channel and copy the url 
then add ?sub_confirmation=1

to your link 

ex https://www.youtube.com/user/your channel?sub_confirmation=1

this is the link auto subscription

share this link video descriptions . facebook or any social  network

try this method to get more subscribers and get high ranking power to your youtube channel