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Hello everyone welcome to webeezzy. everyone like to share status in whatsapp. some status can post full screen, but some pictures and videos doesn't work . status full screen or not supporting full screen depends on picture size. that says the correct sizes for WhatsApp Stories is 750x1334 px. And the ... How can I make a WhatsApp status visible for a specific person? ... How can I post my full image on WhatsApp. ... (display picture) and status you have ever seen? Why?
evrything depends on size of picture you are going tom post in whatsapp.

This questions are in google. today i am going to answer this questions , cropping pictures and videos for whatsapp ? no it is not the answer. are you Instergram user? this option going to easy for you. if you not using instagram . we hope to find a way to create full screen status without instagram. so how ever we can post full screen whatsapp status post with instagram.

The picture before post full screen. i have select a picture to post in whatsapp story . how ever this picture not supporting to post full screen . so we need to crop this picture to post full screen whatsapp status. we are going to do it with instagram. this is easy to istagram users, if you are not using a instagram account you can create a instagram acoount. or we will find a way to post full screen whatsapp status without using instagram.

Open your instagrm app and click add story I have marked in the picture, after click the your story icon. select the picture would you like to share as your Whatsapp full screen status,

then you will see like this. now you need to change the size picture in the picture, use the two fingers on the screen to change size the picture.

you can resize picture using two fingers, would you like to share a video you can change the size like this no matter you are going to share.

After re-size the picture or video using instagram. ( instagram story) be like this. no need to share this in instagram , you can simply download this picture or your video simple click on the download icon. I have marked in the picture. after download the you can share it with Whatsapp status full screen.

Here we go. now you can see full screen whatsapp ststus before send the picture, when you going to share full screen video, follow this steps, they are same to sharing full screen whatsapp story ( status) .Please watch the video better understand,

Please give a comment, if you are tried this, is it working or not? thank for watching, 

hello everyone welcome to my channel this about how to know your girlfriend or boyfriend doing his/her mobile.
How to monitor someone's android mobile phone

 this is some spy idea .this video for only education , you need to install some app for your gf/bf/or you want guys phone. its free application therefore you dont need pay to anyone . after install application make some account using make username and good password, after done it dont forget to hide it, watch the full video and you will know how to hide it.

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done here now you can see all things her/his phone i mean call logs contacts sms location his photos videos and more things



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watch the video tutorial